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David Denemark

German Actor and Voice Artist

Welcome to my first and only official website.

For voice-over requests, feel free to contact me directly.

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Enhanced mobile SoundProof(er) Sound Booth – Double wall - 38 dB at midrange and up to 84dB at high-frequency sound reduction
The internal Sound absorption blankets, the way they are configured, provide 80% sound absorption and create a great acoustic environment for audio recording.

Soundproofing walls are made out of specially constructed multilayered sound-blocking panels made with reinforced Limp Mass Membrane to block sound transmission and lined with sound absorption felt to reduce the internal sound reflections.


Neumann TLM 103

The TLM 103 has quickly become one of the biggest successes in Neumann’s history. Its pristine, clear sound is a modern update on the classic U87. The TLM 103 is a transformerless cardioid condenser microphone with a gentle presence boost for a stunningly direct sound with breathtaking definition and ultra low noise.


Shure SM7B

Cardioid studio microphone delivers warm and smooth audio reproduction in close-proximity studio and vocal applications. Features include wide-range frequency response, bass roll off and mid-range control, and internal air suspension shock isolation


DBX 286 S

The dbx 286s offers a full compliment of metering and status LEDs to visually guide you to achieving the right sound.

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